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The Adventures of Steven and Diesel


Stephen J. Flitcraft





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Steven, an only child, is given Diesel, a lovable dog, and a loyal friendship is started. Lessons about life intertwine with activities where a loving family surrounds Steven. Sir Steven (The King) and Diesel (The Protector) defend their Kingdom, the secret tunnel, and their castle. Read about the Land Of the Keepers. Meet Cindy the Pony Girl. 
There are plenty of laughs concerning some pesky squirrels, too.
   Steven takes the responsibility to train Diesel. 
His hard work and patience are rewarded.
This summer long, series of events is filled with subtle lessons about growing up, being friends, and sharing love. 

Steven’s adventures include being knighted, fun at the beach, a dreaded day of appointments, and a grand finale. 

  Steven is a very bright little boy and quite the prankster. Diesel is clever and has a personality of his own. 
Together, they provide entertaining moments and demonstrations of friendship, trust, and loyalty. Steven displays the determination and wit that would make any mother proud.




April 25, 2013

Stephen J. Flitcraft

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Sarah would blend in to the fabric of any Midwest town.  Innocent to the delicate thread of reality that weaves   through her life,  She shows little concern for  her future.

 That is . . . until fate unravels it!
fatal storm sends her life into an unforgiving tailspin. When the dust has cleared, she finds herself without a family or a home. While salvaging through the destruction, she finds a locked metal box, the contents of which will change her life forever! She learns first-hand, that unbridled fate can, and will, rock her soul to the very core of her existence.
she find the inner strength to carry on?
Can she change her

here's what readers of "Unbridled Fate" are saying about it:

JM says:

 “Just finished the book. I enjoyed it very much!

I am not a reader of books, but, I could get hooked with this quality of reading… …also had a hard time reading through the tears at times. Keep up the good work.”

 On, BD writes:

“This was a very good read. The characters were extremely relatable and once you meet them, they seem like friends. Many good twists and turns. When you pick it up, you won't want to put it down until you are finished. More please!!!!




On, Mike says:

“Not a big reader of this type book, but it got my mind thinking from the time Sarah found Amanda. Could not put it down. Read the book from start till end in one setting. Ready for the movie. Can't wait for Steve's next book.” 

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30 Days should do It!

 Stephen J. Flitcraft

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To say the least, beginning any type of weight loss plan can be intimidating.  Fears of physical duress and possible failure flood a person’s mind.  Mustering up the will to begin is daunting enough. 
Nonetheless, where there’s a will, there’s a way!
Here is an “easy on the body” beginning that will give you the confidence to step up to a full-fledged program in only 30 Days.
This regimen begins with a single sit-up and a solitary push-up.  Oh, and by the way, no dieting in the first 30 days.
How difficult could it be to begin with one sit up and one push up?  From here, the workout increases gradually.  Success is virtually pain free.  Best of all, it’s easy on the wallet.

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